Dehydrated fruits

Mango Freshly harvested mango coming from Sri Lankan fruit cultivations are used  to produce our dehydrated  mango and are available as slices or dices.

Dehydrated fruits


Xanax Online Uk Forum Pineapple is cultivated in Sri Lanka either as a mono-crop or a mix corp. Freshly Harvested pineapple is peeled and sliced as rings or chunks and subjected to dehydration process to achieve the best quality dehydrated pineapple.

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Dehydrated fruits


There are different varieties of banana grown in Sri Lanka all around the year. These varieties are used to produce dehydrated banana slices or dices.

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Papaya Papaya is extensively grown in Sri Lanka in commercial scale and well ripen fruit is used to dehydrate into slices.

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Xanax Mexico Online… Note: We can supply in bulk quantities according to the customer’s requirements.

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